The diet no one told you about

Maybe this is the diet for me, after all, it says to cut out sugar, carbs etc and promises to make me lose 2kg in one week!!!! Sugar and carbs are bad right? Or no, wait someone said eating after 7 pm is bad, banting is the way to go…or is it paleo or keto, or meal replacements shakes???

This is me. Elizabeth, 42, wife, mother of two and I know what you are going through.

I am 100% certain I am not the only one who felt like this. Going from the one extreme to the next in search of the one magic cure that will help me lose weight, and love myself. Because no way I can love myself if I look like this? (and then “this” isn’t actually bad). I remember feeling so ashamed because I felt like such a failure when I didn’t lose the weight the diet promised, just to end back at the cookie cupboard eating and devouring anything I could find and then hiding the proof thereof.
Guilt would kick in, because how on earth can I be this weak? How can I not stick to this diet thing for more than 2 weeks? Will I ever be good enough, will I ever get this noise of shame and guilt out of my head, my thoughts, my soul? You see one thing society and the diet industry doesn’t tell you is that how binge eating is also an eating disorder. It’s a way to numb something painful from the past. They don’t teach you that, because that industry was designed to keep consumers coming back for more… more and more. Lose the weigh, great, return to “normal” eating and put the weight back on again. Then what happens next? Right, go back to the next diet!!! And your confidence is down the drain. I have my fair share of testimony of overcoming bulimia (at school), it then turned into binge eating disorder until Aug 2013( at the age of 36) I said enough.
I will fight with everything I have to find peace with my body, myself and with food.

That is a whole different story, and I will be honoured to share it with you guys sometime in the future, should you be interested...
But first I would love to give you helpful tips to make lifelong changes, with regards to your eating, training and finding peace with yourself AND food. The biggest mistake people do is trying to go from 0 to 100 in one step. This does not work…..I’ll say it again: THIS DOES NOT WORK.

• Stop following any diet pages, groups etc where they demonize certain foods. Food is NOT the enemy. The AMOUNTS of food consumed is.
• If your home life is in utter chaos, going on a diet or making huge changes will create anxiety. Start right at the basics and get that sorted.
• Don’t make a certain amount of weight-loss your goal.
• Rather commit to something like: doing your first 5km fun-walk/run OR your first proper push-up OR drinking 1.5L of water everyday OR adding fruit or veg to your every meal. Some positive add-ins.
• Be very specific time-wise. And document it on a calendar. You will be surprised to see the progress as time goes by. Calendarpedia has awesome options on calendars. Here is a link to a printable calendar that will be of help:
• If you are a beginner, start right where you’re at. Start with committing to walking 20min 3 times per week, then the following week 4 times etc.
• The key is to introduce small SUSTAINABLE changes into your lifestyle, one at a time.
• If your eating habits have gone haywire and you may be eating 2 chocolates per day (example) start by eating only 1!!! Or if you eat takeaways everyday start by eating only every other day. You see what people don’t realize is that we pick up fat because we consume too many calories (energy) than our bodies are utilising. The minute you start consuming fewer calories you will lose weight! Do it step by step.
• Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. It is a journey for life, not a sprint for a season!
I am here to share my journey and to make it known that you most certainly have what it takes.


Elizabeth Coetzee xxx